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Flames of War in the Desert – Tunisia 1942

The Flames of War club played out a desert battle on Thursday, May 3, 2012 that pitted the Germans against the Americans in the Tunisian Desert in a 1800+ point battle for supremacy. This battle had the Americans in their shiny new Sherman tanks with Stabilizers going up against the Veteran Afrika Corps in their Pz IIIG’s and Pz IVD’s with some added support from the infamous 88’s.

The Germans moved up quickly and started firing shots into the Americans only to discover that the Pz IIIG’s could not penetrate the Sherman’s front armour while the Shermans had no problems with the German armor. Only the German troop quality kept the battle from becoming a complete walk-over for the Americans. As it was, it was a very closely fought battle until the German commander decided to try to rush the flanks of the Americans late in the game. The Americans took advantage of the opportunity and shattered the German Pz IVD platoon and left the Germans to be defeated in detail.

The Pz IIIG’s in the game are the Plastic Soldier company plastic miniatures we carry and you can judge for yourself how they looked on the table next to the Battlefront Flames of War minis in the pictures below.

The next Flames of War battle goes up on Thursday May 17th, 2012. If you’re interested in Flames of War, drop by Neutral Ground and take command of a unit in this popular World War II miniatures game.

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Battletech Day After Action Report

April 14th was filled with people that were trying out the latest version of the Battletech rules. We had three separate games going, all the way from a pair of one-on-one games up to a massive multi-map game that included multiple players each commanding lances or vehicle squadrons. We capped off the event with an unboxing of the newest Battletech game from Catalyst Games.

We tried out the free downloadable quickstart rules for the game, and there were even free copies printed up for players to take home and try out. The rules played quickly and scaled up well enough to allow really big games.

The boxed set contained a wealth of Battletech stuff, from quickstart rules, cardboard mounted maps, full rulesbook and even a painting guide – all printed in full color. This is an amazing amount of stuff for the $50.00 price.

And it wasn’t just Battletech at the day. We also had some Warhammer players running a battle between two gorgeously-painted armies.

We have photos of the Battletech games and unboxing below. We will try to get some photos of the Warhammer game as soon as we get them in our hands. Enjoy the pictures below!

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Flames of War Demo Battle – Falaise Gap is Held!

On April 5, 2012 the Flames of War demo battle refought an action by the Canadian South Alberta Regiment against the Wehrmacht Forces fleeing through the Falaise Gap after the successful Allied Normandy Invasion. The Flames of War Demo game was the first of many diverse demo events that Neutral Ground will be holding over the coming days, giving gamers in Lethbridge a taste of the exciting gaming hobby. Coming up, watch for a Battletech demo game.

The Flames of War demo had two veteran FOW gamers on opposite sides paired up with two first-time FOW players. The roughly 1500-point battle started with the Germans in convoy on the road and the Canadians launching an ambush. The next few turns were spent with the Wehrmacht clearing the one village of Canadian infantry while both German and Canadian reinforcements rushed to battle. The Canadians managed to hang on to the second objective by game’s end despite the charge of German heavy armored platoons, giving a Canadian victory.

If you’re interested in trying out a game, keep watching for coming demo games, or just drop by the store and ask when a group is going to be gaming at the store.

Enjoy some photos from the game!

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