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Flames of War Demo Battle – Falaise Gap is Held!

On April 5, 2012 the Flames of War demo battle refought an action by the Canadian South Alberta Regiment against the Wehrmacht Forces fleeing through the Falaise Gap after the successful Allied Normandy Invasion. The Flames of War Demo game was the first of many diverse demo events that Neutral Ground will be holding over the coming days, giving gamers in Lethbridge a taste of the exciting gaming hobby. Coming up, watch for a Battletech demo game.

The Flames of War demo had two veteran FOW gamers on opposite sides paired up with two first-time FOW players. The roughly 1500-point battle started with the Germans in convoy on the road and the Canadians launching an ambush. The next few turns were spent with the Wehrmacht clearing the one village of Canadian infantry while both German and Canadian reinforcements rushed to battle. The Canadians managed to hang on to the second objective by game’s end despite the charge of German heavy armored platoons, giving a Canadian victory.

If you’re interested in trying out a game, keep watching for coming demo games, or just drop by the store and ask when a group is going to be gaming at the store.

Enjoy some photos from the game!

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