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Flames of War in the Desert – Tunisia 1942

The Flames of War club played out a desert battle on Thursday, May 3, 2012 that pitted the Germans against the Americans in the Tunisian Desert in a 1800+ point battle for supremacy. This battle had the Americans in their shiny new Sherman tanks with Stabilizers going up against the Veteran Afrika Corps in their Pz IIIG’s and Pz IVD’s with some added support from the infamous 88’s.

The Germans moved up quickly and started firing shots into the Americans only to discover that the Pz IIIG’s could not penetrate the Sherman’s front armour while the Shermans had no problems with the German armor. Only the German troop quality kept the battle from becoming a complete walk-over for the Americans. As it was, it was a very closely fought battle until the German commander decided to try to rush the flanks of the Americans late in the game. The Americans took advantage of the opportunity and shattered the German Pz IVD platoon and left the Germans to be defeated in detail.

The Pz IIIG’s in the game are the Plastic Soldier company plastic miniatures we carry and you can judge for yourself how they looked on the table next to the Battlefront Flames of War minis in the pictures below.

The next Flames of War battle goes up on Thursday May 17th, 2012. If you’re interested in Flames of War, drop by Neutral Ground and take command of a unit in this popular World War II miniatures game.

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