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Flames of War

Flames of War is the incredibly popular World War II miniatures game produced by Battlefront of New Zealand and played worldwide. Players can build and collect historic armies from WWII and match them off in battles against each other.

Players can choose to play either historical battles or quick tournament-style games in this fast-growing part of the miniatures gaming hobby.

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The Flames of War Hobby:

Each miniature is sculpted in 15mm (1:100th scale) and Neutral Ground Games has a wide selection of tanks, infantry, and artillery for players to use in the game. Our selection is the best in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta, and we can always special order items players need to complete their forces.

We also have a growing community of players who are each building their own armies, and who meet regularly on the first and third Thursday of each month at the store. Drop by and get involved into a demo game!

Flames of War Lethbridge

Playing Flames of War:

Play is fast and furious, with an emphasis on maneuver. Light tanks race around the flanks to target the weaker armour of the heavies. Infantry ride in their halftracks or APCs to get to and hold the objectives, or to dig out enemy infantry at bayonet point. Artillery and air support can deliver firepower at critical points to help swing the battle one way or another. Players can even shift their axis of attack in the game to exploit openings in their opponent’s defences, or to respond to an unexpected counterattack.

Flames of War played in Lethbridge, Alberta

A points system and army construction rules are included in the rulebooks with historic organizations, such as the Afrika Korps, Desert Rats, or South Alberta Regiment described in more detail in supplements. The points are balanced well enough that battles hinge in the tactical abilities of the players and with two evenly matched players, the outcome can be a real nail-biter.

Combat follows a familiar 3-step process with six-sided dice: Did you hit? Did they save? Can you destroy them? Some weapons will tear through anything, while others won’t even scratch the target’s paint and you will need to use tactics and maneuver to be able to get to their weaker armour.

Recommended Products:

The Core Rules: Contains all the rules you need to get started.

Box Sets: Start building your force quickly with these multi-packs of models.

Paint Sets: Vallejo paints matched to historic colors – perfect for painting your forces.


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