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Have Faith, The Darkest Age Is Yet To Come

I’ve been stocking Mutant Chronicles Warzone Resurrection for a month or so now and should have gotten these pictures up earlier.  Warzone is a pulp science fiction miniatures skirmish game, now in its fourth edition.  An early competitor to Warhammer 40000 it is back in print and never looked so good.  Gone is the rather mixed miniature quality and blocky, cartoonish look.  The new figures are in 33mm scale and cast in a vinyl resin that holds detail well, is easy to cut and trim, and light weight.  With seven unique factions supported with multiple units and vehicles each, this is one of the most impressive product launches in a long while.

For those who are wondering, the movie wasn’t a great translation of the setting.  For one thing, the Necromutants weren’t cunning opponents armed with high powered battler rifles.  For another it was set on Earth which in the actual setting is a barely habitable waste land long abandoned by the corporations.DSCF0321 DSCF0319 DSCF0318 DSCF0316

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